Putting the consumer in the driver's seat!

Agoyu is the most efficient way

to book your next move!


Agoyu is a one of a kind service that allows users to review mover: customer service scores and pricing/costs online real time at no cost.

Agoyu has compiled a list of the best movers to allow you to shop rates, services and their availability dates. 

Documented Transaction

Agoyu provides complete transparency. In addition to providing the most efficient way to shop movers Agoyu is also able to document: the agreed upon price, the inventory of goods to be shipped, the condition of your goods (through the video app) and the date of your move!

Agoyu as an Advocate

Agoyu also provides the forum to rate their mover and to leave feedback and comments in a public forum. Studies have shown that giving consumers a forum to provide their customer service experience increases the likelihood that they will receive great service and issues will be resolved. Without Agoyu customers have no forum to help resolve issues with price switching and or damages to their goods.

No Spam or Solicitation

Other websites claim to display pricing but then instead collect your contact information to sell leads to movers to then contact you. Agoyu provides you all of the options to review the best movers in an organized and simple format without being solicited. Agoyu’s technology is quick and easy and helps to protect you as the consumer from not being spammed and or solicited!

Agoyu's 3 Step Process
Provide Moving Details

Use the Agoyu Weight Calculator to specify and estimate the weight of your household goods

Compare Moving Quotes

Compare moving rates from the most recognized moving companies in the United States.

Select The Moving Company For You

Select the company that provides a moving estimate that suits your budget, and lock in your move.


Participating Moving Companies

making moves with technology
making moves with technology
making moves with technology
making moves with technology
making moves with technology
making moves with technology
making moves with technology

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